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Vauxhall tax-free cars


Popular Vauxhall models

Vauxhall make some very attractive and popular cars, at very popular prices. Factor in our big military discounts, and you have an unbeatable combination.

Tax-free and tax-paid discounts

Vauxhall supply tax-free and tax-paid cars to Brirish Forces and Diplomats with very generous discounts. They also extend their discounts to family members, which none of the other manufacturers will do.

Large Vauxhall dealership

Our Vauxhall supplier is a very popular and well-know Vauxhall dealership. They offer part-exchange and finance facilities, and have a large stock of both new and used Vauxhalls.

Unbeatable offers

Let us know the Vauxhall model of your choice and we'll get back to you with an unbeatable offer.

Where to buy

Think Vauxhall,- think Advanced Car Exports!