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In association with Cuff Miller Co Ltd, Ford Dealer to the Military

Used cars

We are not able to buy used cars in part-exchange in Cyprus, but there is a vibrant market for used cars so shouldn't be a problem selling it. .





If you see a used car in the UK that you would like to import into Cyprus, our shipping agent is happy to help.

Please email me the details and I'll pass your enquiry on to them.





This Hyundai dealership in UK will deliver your car free of charge to the depot for onward shipping to Cyprus, so please visit their website and let me know if you see anything you like.


Cuff Miller, Littlehampton, West Sussex.

Many of tthe new cars we supply come through Cuff Miller, so we know them very well. You will find them friendly and helpful, and if you tell Paul that we referred you, you should get a healthy extra discount.

Cuff Miller also sells new Fords, as well as approved used cars. They have many years experience in Military Sales.

E-Mail Paul Miller, or telephone the showroom on 01903 714367