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In association with Cuff Miller Co Ltd, Ford Dealer to the Military

Welcome to Advanced Car Exportsthe Forces' favourite for new car bargains!   We'll give you unbiased, independent advice on the best car for YOU, taking into account military discounts, special offers, delivery charges, resale value, etc.


Company owner, Stan Bateman, makes this pledge: “We have a number of priorities in the way we do business, such as observing the highest standards, fair dealing, protecting all personal data – the list is a long one. But top of the list is customer satisfaction and value-for-money, and if we can achieve those goals, the others all fall into place.

“If you are looking for a great way to buy your new car, look no further, because we aim to meet the highest standards at the lowest cost.  And we’ll never forget that the best form of advertising is a satisfied customer.”


We have been supplying new, UK-spec cars, both TAX-FREE for export and TAX-PAID for UK use, to members of H M Forces and the TA, Diplomats and MoD employees, with BIG MILITARY DISCOUNTS, specially negotiated for you through Manufacturers & Main Dealers, at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES, since 1979.


 Not imports

Unlike some cars bought through importers & supermarkets etc, all our UK-spec cars are supplied through UK Main Dealerships, with full UK warranty.

Finding the right company to supply your new car. Buying a new car can be very stressful, or it can be a most enjoyable experience. It all depends on who you buy from. So how do you find the right company? A company which is honest and reliable, with a long record of excellent service, but will still give you the lowest prices.

A simple answer is to deal with a reputable company that comes highly recommended, preferably by someone with extremely high standards.The Sanhurst Foundation is part of The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, one of the most prestigious Military Establishments in the world. To be highly recommended by them is an honour we try very hard to live up to. To see what they say about us, please click here. We are also recommended by, amongst others, Honest John in the Daily Telegraph, which means that we don't need to rely on expensive advertising, and can therefore pass the savings on to our customers as lower prices.


 Big discounts, tax-free AND tax-paid!

If you are posted overseas, and can take your car with you,  you would be entitled to buy it tax-free, saving you an extra 20% VAT. If you are posted to a country within the EU, you can use your new car for up to two months in the UK prior to exporting it. If you are posted outside of the EU, this is extended to six months. 


 Please contact us and view the FAQ's to check if you qualify. If you do not qualify for a tax-free car, you would still be entitled to the military discount on a tax-paid car. These discounts are typically 15% - 25% off basic showroom prices, but can be as much as 30% off base price!      




Financing your Purchase – Frequently asked questions

Who are we?
Advanced Car Exports, Corner Garage, Horsham Road, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 6BX

Are we able to help you finance your purchase?
Yes, we work in conjunction with Cuff Miller Ltd, Licenced as a Credit Broker by the FCA, Licence number is 008838.
You can check this on the Consumer Credit Register by visiting the Office of Fair Trading’s website at    (UK Credit Liceneces are currently being administered by the FCA )

Do you have to pay for our help?

No, you make no payment to us. But a lender [and/or another credit broker / intermediary we work with]
may pay us [and/or another credit broker/ intermediary] for introducing you to them.

Can we give you independent financial advice?

No, we are not independent financial advisers

What can I do if you wish to complain about our services?

If you wish to make a complaint, please contact us in the first instance by writing to us at address above, or by
telephoning us on 01903 711 944. Please ask for James Baxter.