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  Here are some e-mails and letters received from customers over the years:

"Advanced Car Exports has a first class reputation, and mirrors the standards of

excellence and professionalism we seek to demonstrate at Sandhurst"

Signed Assistant to Foundation Director, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Camberley, Surrey.


"I'd try" - Honest John, Daily Telegraph

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Money Saving Expert says:

Default In the Forces? Cut up to 25% off a new car Some car dealers have special deals with manufacturers, meaning members of the UK’s armed forces can get up to 25% off a car’s list price. One dealer,, does this. Its cars are supplied through the UK via UK main dealers and aren’t imports. They also have full UK warranties. Often there’s a choice between purchasing them tax-free if you’re going to be posted overseas or tax-paid if you’re going to use them in the UK.


"...we would like to thank you for your help in buying our new tax free car . It was such a stress-free experience and we can't thank you enough for your help and guidance all the way through. We would highly recommend anyone who was thinking about buying a tax free car to speak to Stan".

Steph and James Sustins, RAF Akrotiri.

“...thank you for your help and guidance with our new, tax-free car.
Brilliant assistance, especially at the port and customs. Made buying our new Shogun a very enjoyable experience. Highly Recommended to anyone in BFC who wants a new car”.

F/S Bruce, RAF Akrotiri.


“Thank you so much, you were brilliant from start to finish, much recommended! I wanted to sleep in the

car last night I love it so much.  Have a great Christmas and new year!


If there’s somewhere in your website or something that I can put a review I’d be happy to do so, let me

know". Amanda Robb, Ay Nik, BFPO 59.

"If anyone is looking to buy a tax free vehicle plus Military Discount to be shipped out to Cyprus, I would highly recommend Mr Stan Bateman (Advanced Car Exports). He was absolutely brilliant, helped me every step of the way, an expert in his profession and got me a great deal which I am more than happy with. Finance, shipping, registration, everything".  

Cpl Martin Ratcliffe, Episkopi.

"…. you have provided a fantastic service, and put up with lots of indecisiveness from us!
We absolutely love our new Fiat" .
Anne Sullivan, Dhekelia.

"...many thanks Stan for all the help you gave with our recent purchase. The discounts and price you got for us were amazing but more than that the guidance you gave in going through the paperwork etc made the whole thing really easy and hassle free".

PO Steve Mackie, Ay Nik.  

"..thank you for all your help and for an amazing deal. Highly recommended"

John and Laura Jones, RAF Akrotiri

"Second to none service. Highly recommended"

Damion Kelly, Dhekelia,

"Great car and great service. The ASX is much more than we'd expected for the price. Thanks for all your help, it made collecting our new car so easy".

Chris Butterworth, Episkopi.

"Thank you for your assistance in dealing with the UK supplier and at the port. It would have been a painful experience without your advice and support".

Stu Mason, RAF Akrotiri.

"Excellent customer service. Dealt with my enquiries very fast and Stan was a godsend at the port"

Cpl Stephen Briggs, Episkopi.


Most of our customers contact us as a result of being recommended by a colleague who has recently collected their new, tax-free car.

The page opposite is taken from comments made about our service which were posted on BFC INFOrmation, the most popular and informative FB group for British Forces in Cyprus.

We'd like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who has posted similar comments recommending our service.

We do our very best to make the whole process of importing a new, tax-free car into Cyprus as painless as possible.

Anyone who has tried it on their own will know what we mean, when we say that this is something you really do need help with, as Cyprus Customs and Port Authorities can be difficult to negotiate, and that's an understatement.

What is more, our service in Cyprus is FREE OF CHARGE to our customers!

NB Elite Motors in Limassol, as mentioned by Lisa Simpson, have a very good reputation and sell used cars as well as being able to supply several makes of new cars, some of which are cheaper than UK imports due to the strength of the £.


Dear Stan

"Thank you very much for such an easy transaction, with discounts bigger than any other I could find on the web or in car supermarkets. You have made my new car buying experience a pleasure".

                     Captain Doug Coleman, HQ 160 (W) Bde.


"....I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for all your help in buying my new S-MAX.  Your service was faultless throughout and I could not have asked for any more. Once again thank you for everything".

                                             Major Terry Southwood, BFPO 15


Thanks for your quick response in sending me tax-paid Fiesta prices. I am amazed at the discounts on offer.

                Andrew Laister, Fort Halstead


Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate your honesty, which is a rare trait amongst car salesmen.

Your service has been first class.

                      Capt Graig Rodgers, BFPO 39


Everything went very well, no problems at the port or with Customs. We are both very happy with the service you provided.

We are very pleased with the car and are more than happy with the model you recommended. I have passed on your details to others who are interested and hopefully they will be in touch with you soon.


Rob Giles, BFPO 6  



Just picked up my new car. I'm really impressed and the colour is lovely.

Still can't believe how easy you made it all, thanks!

Feel free to give my e-mail address to any doubters!!

Regards, Al Howden

Sqn Ldr Howden, based in UK


..Thanks very much for the hassle-free, first rate excellent car-buying experience.

...I researched extensively and your prices were by far the most competitive.

               Sqn Ldr Phil Bartlett, RAF Coningsby


..the time and effort you put in to make things happen so smoothly is much appreciated. I will ensure your e-mail address is passed around and will, of course, put in a good word to potential customers. Once again, many thanks.

             WO2 Jon Francis BFPO 113.


Thanks for your help with my recent purchase of the Galaxy. I did not believe buying a car could be so easy and quick.

Once again, many thanks

               Cpl John Mann, BFPO 26


I have decided to contact you due to recommendations from friends and associates who have purchased cars from you previously and the good name you carry.

           CPO Dan Earley, BFPO 253


Just a quick e-mail to say thanks for getting everything sorted out with my wife's new Peugeot . She collected it on Saturday and is absolutely delighted.

I'd also like to thank you for your efficient service and look forward to contacting you next year when the time comes to swap cars again.

                    Major Willey, BFPO 47


Once again, thank you very much for all you've done to make buying the car such a trouble-free experience.

I've already recommended you to a colleague and won't hesitate to do so again.

                  Steve Francis, BFPO 150


The delivery went fine. Car was ready when I arrived and we whisked through remaining paperwork in short-order. As before, I'm very happy with the service. You beat the best deal offered elsewhere and capped it by offering the best levels of customer service.

You can be assured that I will continue to recommend your service.


              Flt Lt Stuart Andrews, BFPO 8


..your firm has been recommended to me by a colleague. He said that, out of 9 firms he tried, yours gave the best deal.

Spr Loughran  BFPO 31


This is the second car I have bought through you, and on each occasion the care you took and the personal service you provided were outstanding.

           Maj. Gen Cornock, BFPO 26


Thanks for your usual impeccable service and for getting top price for the old car. I'll keep on recommending you to friends and colleagues.

           Gp Capt Pat Plunkett. BFPO 26



            Thanks for your prompt reply.  I will, when I decide to purchase the car, contact you for all my dealings.  Out of three dealers I contacted you were the most helpful. 

All the best

 WO2 Marc Davies, BFPO 16


Dear Advanced Car Exports

I am flying over on Friday to collect my new car, and would like to thank you for for your superb service so far. I will look forward to doing business with your company again in the future.

SSgt M R Gibson, BFPO 36


Just a quick note to let you know I picked up my new Astra yesterday from Inchcape in Fareham. Everything went smoothly and the car was everything I expected. Thankyou very much for your time and effort in helping with this purchase. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and workmates. Thanks again

Sgt Wayne Vass, Staffs.


...the delivery was prompt and efficient. The car is excellent to drive and I am very pleased with the whole package that you provided - top marks! ...I thoroughly recommend you to all my colleagues, and should I need a new car in the future, will be straight on the blower!

Capt Grant Cambridge


.."I've been very happy with the professional and friendly service you have provided and look forward to a smooth collection of my new car on 1 Sep 06.  I will ensure that my colleages are aware of the profesional service and excellent prices provided by Advanced Car Exports."

Sgt Mark Dempster


...the Focus we bought from you is still going great guns and is probably the wisest cash I've ever spent on a vehicle. I'll pass your details around at work, as I can heartily recommend your service to everyone.... you were so helpful last time.

Capt Pete Brunton, BFPO 35


"..thank you for the great service that you and John Taylor at SMC Slough have provided. The trade-in and collection was prompt and very efficient, unlike some experiences I have had over the last few years"

SSgt Tony Smith, Waterlooville, Hants,


"Thanks, Stan, really happy with the new car, and more than happy with the swift service. An outstanding price for an outstanding car. I would recommend your service to anyone in the forces"

     Cpl Steve Tonking


Hi Stan

Thanks again for your outstanding service and speed in getting me my new Focus ST. I'll be very happy to recommend you to my colleagues and I look forward to doing business with you again.

Mike Burgess, Bordon, Hants.


Dear Advanced Car Exports

Thanks for the service. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. I will not hesitate in recommending you to any friends or colleagues.

Thanks again

Sgt Lee Metcalfe, Coventry.


Hi Stan,

The car is really good. Just getting used to the gadgets but I am more than happy with it. Paul was really good and showed me how to use all the gadgets etc (more than Mazda ever did). The car is very quiet and smooth and has the acceleration when needed.


I asked Maidstone about car insurance (chassis/VIN number). Basically if a car has been previously registered in the UK then you will retain your original UK Reg plates. So you can insure your car against the UK Reg plates and don’t have to insure against the VIN number as opposed to what DVLA Swansea state (I paid £200 for VIN insurance when I could have paid £21 against my UK plates) Maidstone say they get this problem all the time due to Swansea not knowing what they are talking about. Also you don’t have to pay the £55 registration fee as this has already been paid when the car was originally registered. Just thought I would let you know in case any other customers have the same problems as me.


In short, ignore DVLA Swansea as they don’t know what they are talking about.


Anyway Stan. The car is tops and really nice to drive. Even the dog likes it.


Kind regards



CPO Darren Bennet, based in SHAPE, BFPO 26


...when compared to your very quick response put them behind in the game from the start. The other tax free Mondeo quote I tried to get was from Bristol Street Motor. They took a look at the quote I'd had from you and went away to see what they could come up with, however apparently to sell it around the £15k mark they'd lose about £3k on what they buy them in at.

It's been a month now since I picked up the vehicle and nearly a thousand miles later and no complaints from me. I would definitely recommend you to anyone in the market for a new tax free car as the price was very competitive. From initial enquiry to leaving the forecourt the customer service has been first class and made the whole experience a pleasure.

Thank you for your service,


 Darren Rolfe

628 Signal Troop, BFPO 35

L/Cpl Rolfe collected his new Mondeo Feb 2013 from our Ford dealer in West Sussex.


Thanks again for all your help and I will recommend your company to anyone at
work thinking of getting a new car. If you go into getting duty free second hand
vehicles, as you suggested, and want me to put up any flyers let me know.
Steve Roberts, based in Ayios Nikolaos, BFPO 59,



Hi Stan
The car is fab and the whole process really easy.
Thanks for a great service and the best prices in the UK. I will be personally recommending you to my colleagues in the FCO. 
Many thanks and kind regards
Chris Samms

British Embassy, Paris

29 June 2013