The forces favourite for new car bargains
In association with Cuff Miller Co Ltd, Ford Dealer to the Military

Renault tax-free cars

Good looking cars

Renault have always made good looking cars, but they were not always known for their reliability.

Quality and reliability

However, sincer merging with Nissan, quality and reliability have improved no end, and we now offer Renaults to our Military and Diplomatic customers, in the knowledge that they will be very happy with their new cars.

First-class reputation

Advanced Car Exports has a first class reputation, and relies on recommendations, so having faith in the product we offer to our Military and Diplomatic customers is of the utmost importance to us.

Best Discounts

Not only are they now as reliable as any other cars on sale today, but Renault give some of the best Military and Diplomatic discounts, whether buying tax-free for personal export, or tax-paid for UK use. They also offer left-hand-drive cars, again with excellent discounts.

British Forces

The new models, especially the Megane, Scenic and Clio, are very popular with British Forces, both overseas and in the UK.

Most  popular

With discounts often in excess of 20%, and more attractive models being launched all the time, it's no wonder that Renault is one of our most popular makes.


Left Hand Drive Renaults

If you are moving permanently overseas and wish to buy a new, left hand drive car, Renaults are very popular in Europe, and we can supply them through our UK dealership, with excellent discounts