The forces favourite for new car bargains
In association with Cuff Miller Co Ltd, Ford Dealer to the Military

Because we deal with many different UK suppliers, it's not possible to show every model on offer, so here's a selection of our suppliers.


Tax-free Nissans through Nissan Export, based in Chorley, Lancs.

Tax-free and tax-paid Fords through Cuff Miller of West Sussex, with finance at just 5.9% APR offered through Ford Credit.


BMW from BMW Park Lane, the only official factory supplier.

Jaguar/Land Rover are supplied by Westover of Salisbury:


EMC in Eastbourne supply our Vauxhall, Suzuki and Mitsubishi.

Volvo are supplied by Marshalls Volvo, based in Bishops Stortford, but cars normally arrive Cyprus direct from the factory in Sweden

And of course, you have Griffin, who are multi-franchise