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Ford export sales

Tax-free Fords to British Forces

Advanced Car Exports have supplied new, tax-free Fords to British Forces on overseas postings, for over 30 years.

Generous Military & Diplomatic Discounts

Ford has always been the most generous manufacturer when discounting cars for British Forces and Diplomats posted overseas, and more recently, for those based in the UK, buying tax-paid cars.

Discounts as high as 28% off the tax-free price!

If you are buying a new, tax-free Ford for export from the UK, we'll give you up to 28% off the basic price, as an export discount,

on top of your 20% VAT saving!

Most popular tax-free Fords

Most popular amongst customers buying new, tax-free Fords, is the Ford S-Max. Launched only a few short years ago, it has rapidly become the most popular seven-seat MPV ever sold, and can be seen in every Garrison town in BFG, as well as  being very popular in other bases throughout Europe. The recently-launched new B-Max & C-Max and new Kuga are other very popular Fords, plus of course the award-winning Fiesta, exciting Focus ST3 and the stylish new EcoSport.

Annual swaps

Many of our customers swap from one S-Max to another when they are able to do so, often finding that the value of their used car exceeds the cost of its replacement, even after 12 months use!

LHD tax-free Fords

If you need to buy a left-hand-drive Ford, look no further. We can offer you great discounts and better spec that you could get in, say, Germany.  Cars are supplied through our usual Ford dealership in UK. You even benefit from having the level of spec brought up to that of an equivalent UK model.

Ask for a price on the tax-free Ford of your choice

So for an excellent car range with fantastic Military and Diplomatic discounts, coupled with brilliant resale values, you can't do better than a new Ford from Advanced Car Exports!

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