The forces favourite for new car bargains
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Citroen tax-free cars

Great discounts for British Forces

Citroen have only recently offered substantial discounts to members of H M Forces and Diplomats, and have become very popular amongst our customers based overseas.

Quirky and attractive cars from Citroen

Citroen have always made quirky and attractive cars, and the current range continues this tradition. The main difference is that they have become far more affordable, and are better made that ever before, meaning that they are as reliable as any other mass-market models in today's market place.

Unbeatable price on your new Citroen

Have a look at the Citroen range by clicking on their UK website,, and send us details of the model and spec of your choice. We'll work out an unbeatable price on your new tax-free Citroen, delivered to Limassol.

Citroen supplier in UK

Our Citroen supplier is in Southampton, which means no extra charge to get your car onto a ship.

Finance and Part-Exchange

We are able to offer part-exchange against UK-registered cars, but if you have a Cyprus-registered car, you will need to dispose of it privately. This is easily done, as used cars fetch hich prices in Cyprus. We an offer you finance through a UK finance company, and you can sign your finance docs in UK or Cyprus.