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Cars for British forces posted overseas

What you should consider when buying cars for British forces posted overseas.

If you are a member of British forces posted overseas or about to be posted overseas, you may be entitled to buy a new car, free of VAT, and depending on the make & model, you should also get a substantial military discount. Ford tend to give the best discounts, whether buying a tax-free car for personal export, or tax-paid for UK use.

Continental headlamps

If you are posted to Continental Europe, you will possibly also need to buy a set of LHD headlamps, and the cost of these should be taken into account when placing your order. They can vary in price from £200 to as much as £1000 or more. Ford score well again, with LHD headlamps generally amongst the least expensive.

Delivery charges

Another important consideration is the UK delivery charge. Some companies charge nothing at all, others £600 or more. Fords are the most popular cars with British Forces posted overseas for the reasons stated above and also because they do not add a UK delivery charge. This charge is from the factory to the dealership, not to your home address. If you prefer to have your new car delivered to you, whether in the UK or BFG, you should check on the cost.

Shipping charges

If you are based in, say, Cyprus, Portugal or Italy, for example, you may decide to have your car shipped out to you. You can arrange this yourself, or we can arrange it for you. We will always include marine insurance in the quote. Depending on the shipping line and insurance company, we will always try and get you a quote without an insurance excess, so if you are arranging your own, beware of high insurance excess charges.

Exporting your new car from the UK

If you are posted to a country within the EU, you have two months in which to remove your car from the UK. Once it has been registered in your new country, you can return to the UK in your new car, for example, if you are sent back on a course, or to visit relatives. When you are permanently returning to the UK, you will need to re-register it through the DVLA in Swansea, but so long as you have complied with the regulations, you should not have to pay any tax on your new car.

Finance and part-exchange

Please let us know if you require either of these facilities, and we will be happy to quote. If, having read this information, you would like to make further enquires, please use the form on our contact page.