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British forces in Germany


Useful information for British Forces based in Germany.

Britain has had a continuous military presence in Germany since 1945 and there are still almost 17,000 personnel stationed there. However, the government has promised to withdraw half of those forces by 2015 and all of them by 2020, brought forward to 2018, if possible. is the official Internet site for British Forces based in Germany.

There you will find all the links you may need while based in Germany, such as:

Hive Europe

Sixth Sense Newspaper


Hohne Garrison

Gutersloh Garrison

Paderborn Garrison

Rhine Garrison

and just about anything you can think of relating to life in BFG.

If you require information on overseas deployments, try

Then there is HQ BF, which was formed in January 2012 to provide support for all formations  and Units

based in Germany.  It is responsible for all British-German liaison and relations at all levels with the German

authorities. Visit them at

And lastly, how about British Forces News, at

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